Commercial Loans

Commercial mortgages are loans that are borrowed for any non-residential property. These include properties such as a building in which you conduct your business, or a rental or investment property. Mortgages are taken out on these kinds of buildings in order to purchase, refinance or to finance renovations to be undertaken to the interior or exterior of the building.

Commercial loans can be very complex and lenders apply strict conditions for consideration before the loan can be authorised. Lenders conduct analysis on the burrower’s personal and business related finances, credit rating, payment schedule, negotiated terms on interest rate and payment amount. We at Golden Harvest Finance have the expert knowledge to help meet each individual borrowers’ needs by guiding you through the application process and negotiating for a better deal on your behalf.

Funding options include

  • Term loans
  • Lending for commercial, industrial or residential property
  • Progress payments for development and construction projects

Features for commercial mortgage:

  • Interest only loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Redraw facilities
  • Fixed / Variable / Split rate options
  • Competitive interest rates